What is a Good Computer for a Retired Person?

Episode 1646 (44:11)

Florence from Michigan

Florence is in her 70s and wants to buy a desktop, but she doesn't want one with a touch screen. Leo says that at this stage, Florence should consider a Chromebox. It will use Google Docs for word processing and do it just as well as any word processor.  But she also wants to do some photoshopping. Leo says that Chrome can do that too with an extension called Pixlr. Another is called POLARR. Then Leo suggests going with an iMac. It also has a very good word processor called Pages. The last thing Florance needs is a Windows machine.  Her budget won't' allow for an iMac.  Mac and Windows are simply overkill, though. So that leads her back to the Chromebox. She'll need to provide her own display, mouse, and keyboard.