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Episode 1646

There's a new dog in town...  And it's a new Sony Aibo.This is a totally updated version of the original Aibo we saw at CES 2009. Sony is definitely not marketing Aibo as a toy. To show what their thinking is, here's some info from their Aibo website: Aibo is a one-of-a-kind autonomous companion robot designed to bring fun and joy to your household. Owners can form a friendship as they raise aibo and watch as it develops its own unique personality through everyday interactions. Built with the latest Sony technology, aibo is brought to life with a wide range of sensors, cameras and actuators, while aibo’s adaptable behavior is made possible through deep learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Since the first aibo launched in 1999 AI technology has evolved significantly. We believe this product represents a perfect opportunity to showcase what you can do when using the latest, most cutting-edge technology available. Sony aibo for the U.S. market includes the aibo companion robot and a three-year AI Cloud Plan. Sony also offers, separately, a fun assortment of aibo's toys available for individual purchase. Price: $2899.99.

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Here's a different kind of robotic animal at a totally lower price point!

Joy for All Companion Pets were developed with extensive input from older adults and are designed to foster meaningful connections through play, joy, and happiness to help improve the quality of life among older adults. They say that their lifelike, animatronic, interactive cats and pup provide a solution for many who love having pets, but are no longer able to manage the day-to-day care of a real dog or cat. Their Joy For All Companion Pet Cats look, feel and sound like a real cats with fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. They respond to petting, hugging and motion. They run on 4 C batteries which are included. The Pet Pup doesn't require walking or feeding he's about $119. The newest companion is the Pet Kitten, at about $60. The kitten responds to cuddling, petting, hugging and motion – but wait, there's more – it also offers gentle kneading motions and purring technology just like a real kitten.

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