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Watch Ed from Clairmore, OK Comments

Ed heard that all cellphone companies use the same towers. Does it really matter what cellphone company you go with? Leo says it isn't always the case that companies share towers, though it's not uncommon that they share the same pole.  But each company has its own. So the notion is right, and it's wrong. Each company has it's own transceivers and antennas. If looking to save money, go with a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). They buy cell services from the big five and sell it for less. But the downside is, that MVNOs won't have priority in the service. But in most cases, users will get the same service for less.

Watch Jay from Providence, North Carolina Comments

Jay is being bothered by third party cookies and notifications. Is that still a security risk? Leo says that websites don't want to wait for you to come to them, they want to push their content to you. Leo always says no by default, and he also recommends browsers like Firefox and Brave, that will globally say no to notifications. It's in their app settings. Cookies, by contrast, get a bad wrap. Cookies aren't really dangerous. They basically save settings so when you return to a site, you don't have to enter your password again. But unfortunately, websites have misused this feature by tracking activity.  

Watch Florence from Michigan Comments

Florence is in her 70s and wants to buy a desktop, but she doesn't want one with a touch screen. Leo says that at this stage, Florence should consider a Chromebox. It will use Google Docs for word processing and do it just as well as any word processor.  But she also wants to do some photoshopping. Leo says that Chrome can do that too with an extension called Pixlr. Another is called POLARR. Then Leo suggests going with an iMac. It also has a very good word processor called Pages. The last thing Florance needs is a Windows machine.  Her budget won't' allow for an iMac.  Mac and Windows are simply overkill, though. So that leads her back to the Chromebox. She'll need to provide her own display, mouse, and keyboard.

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Watch Alex from Long Beach, CA Comments

Alex wants to cut the cable. But he wants to avoid a contract. Can he stream from his phone? Leo says he could, but he will eat up bandwidth data caps in no time. He can eat a gig in an hour. Eventually, cell service will begin throttling. So that's not really the answer. Many cellular providers offer home internet plans. So call the cellular provider and find out. 

Watch Charles from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Charles would like to use a Nikon film scanner to scan his collection of slides. Leo says that Nikon Coolscan 5000 is one of the best scanners out there, with a max DPI of 400 PPI. But they're expensive, and he'd still have to clean each slide or have spent a lot of time and money for nothing. Another option is a dual lit scanner by Epson, that comes with a bulk loader. On top of that, scanning takes a lot of time. Leo recommends a service like ScanCafe because for the same price, they'll not only scan your slides, but they'll clean them and color correct as well.  Would they also scan negatives? Leo says they likely will, with an optional adapter. 


Watch Hector from Napoleon, OH Comments

Hector is having an issue with emojis in voice to text on his iPhone. How can he stop it from happening? Leo suspects that your computer is caching it and accessing it again and again. Go into your settings, general, keyboards, text replacement. Look in there. It may be adding it. Also, look in iCloud and Google contacts to see if it's been placed there.  It should eventually go away. 

Watch Brett from Tacoma, Washington Comments

Brett is having an issue where icons are horizontal, rather than vertical. Leo says that can happen if users accidentally went into tablet mode in Windows 10. It may have also done it in remote desktop. Go into display settings and change settings from landscape to portrait, and then back to landscape. It should revert.

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Watch Alan from Wakefield, MS Comments

Alan wants to get an all in one PC for gaming and watching TV. Is this possible? Leo says that games are the most challenging applications for a PC. They usually require a more powerful processor, more RAM, and a faster hard drive. But the main piece is the GPU or graphics card.. All -in-1 would make it a challenge, but you can get one with a better GPU. Leo recommends the Lenovo A940. Dell's XPS27 is also a good choice. It would also enable him to do graphics, photoshop, or video editing. 

Watch Marty from Orange County, CA Comments

Marty got a message from Netflix that his Blu-ray player won't support Netflix anymore. Leo says that can happen when an upgrade can break connectivity. And it sounds like Netflix isn't going to support that anymore. The good news is, smart TVs have Netflix, as do players like the Roku and AppleTV. He can even get a $35 Chromecast and do it. Go with Roku!

Watch Vivian from Long Beach, CA Comments

Vivian wants to get a computer for her 12-year-old daughter, but she's in the dark in what to get her. She's into gaming on Apple Arcade. She also wants one that she'll use for a long time. Leo says that a desktop is a better choice because they aren't that mobile and as she becomes a teenager, Vivian is going to want that computer in a public area! Leo recommends getting an iMac, ideally. Another option is a Chromebook, because she probably uses them at school. They will be limited for gaming, but that's a good thing. The Google PixelBook Go is a good option. Acer Chromebook Spin is also excellent. 

Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny has an ARRIS modem that he bought in 2017 and has gigabit service. But after a power outage, his internet didn't come back up. A technician came out and said that the power outage fried out his modem, even though the power light is on. Leo says it can happen when the power surges into a home as it gets turned back on. That's why people need a surge protector. Leo also says that if they fried the modem, the power company should get him a new one.