What's a good pair of EarPods that aren't expensive?

Episode 1645 (24:51)

Doctor Mom from San Diego, CA
Amazon Echo Buds

Doctor Mom recently picked up a pair of Amazon's Earpods. They were $129 and they look similar Bose earpods. Leo says that it sounds like a rebranded design. DM says they are noise-reducing, and Leo says that they seal the ears to block out the sound, while Apple's Earpod Pros uses noise reduction. Leo thinks that noise-reducing works better, in his opinion. But DM says that with noise reduction, you can still hear something. DM also says that you only really have to wear one and you can still listen to music. She also says that you have to be sure to disconnect them because they don't do so automatically. Leo also says that he thinks that Apple's Earpods are overpriced.