Can I connect my phone to a Raspeberry Pi?

Episode 1645 (36:24)

Johnny from Atlanta, GA
Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Johnny bought a Raspberry Pi 3+b and he thinks it's a great computer project to do for creating your own Chromebook. Leo says Raspberry Pi is great for those who like to tinker, and for $35, you get a complete computer. That's remarkable.

Johnny also picked up a Google Pixel 4, and he's having issues with Bluetooth connecting to the Pi. Leo says that for security reasons, your Bluetooth doesn't stay visible all the time. You have to tell it to pair. But Johnny says he has and it still doesn't do anything. Leo then questions if the Bluetooth on the Pi is enabled. Then again, the Pixel 4 has had some pretty terrible reviews, so maybe there's an issue. But let's remember that the Pi is for projects, and as such, you can expect some issues to troubleshoot.