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Watch Jim from Ventura, CA Comments

Jim says he's a bit of a luddite, but he's discovered the Sonos Amp with Klipsh speakers, and it's just plain nice. Leo says the nice thing about the Sonos is that you can control it with your phone and stream from any music service. So you can listen to just about anything ever recorded. 

Watch Doctor Mom from San Diego, CA Comments

Doctor Mom recently picked up a pair of Amazon's Earpods. They were $129 and they look similar Bose earpods. Leo says that it sounds like a rebranded design. DM says they are noise-reducing, and Leo says that they seal the ears to block out the sound, while Apple's Earpod Pros uses noise reduction. Leo thinks that noise-reducing works better, in his opinion. But DM says that with noise reduction, you can still hear something. DM also says that you only really have to wear one and you can still listen to music. She also says that you have to be sure to disconnect them because they don't do so automatically. Leo also says that he thinks that Apple's Earpods are overpriced.

Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny bought a Raspberry Pi 3+b and he thinks it's a great computer project to do for creating your own Chromebook. Leo says Raspberry Pi is great for those who like to tinker, and for $35, you get a complete computer. That's remarkable.

Johnny also picked up a Google Pixel 4, and he's having issues with Bluetooth connecting to the Pi. Leo says that for security reasons, your Bluetooth doesn't stay visible all the time. You have to tell it to pair. But Johnny says he has and it still doesn't do anything. Leo then questions if the Bluetooth on the Pi is enabled. Then again, the Pixel 4 has had some pretty terrible reviews, so maybe there's an issue. But let's remember that the Pi is for projects, and as such, you can expect some issues to troubleshoot.

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Watch Patisse from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Patisse hard drive died recently. She spent $800 doing data recovery on it. But now, she can't open some of the photo files, saying the format isn't supported. Leo says that one of the problems recovering data from a damaged drive is that the files can get corrupted and unreadable. Is there a program that can repair them? Leo says maybe. It just depends on what the damage is. Look for a free trial before you buy a photo repair and recovery software. If you don't have a trial version, then Leo suspects it's not going to be very effective. This is why you need a 3-2-1 backup solution: three backups, two different formats, one off-site.

Watch Jack from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jack is looking to get a new laptop and wonders if the Surface Pro would be a good option. Leo says that the Surface Pro is essentially a tablet with a detachable keyboard that isn't good. And it's very pricey. So make sure you type on it a lot before you buy it. Since Jack had a Thinkpad in the past, he should consider a new model. They're built out of carbon fiber, so they're thin and light. Look at the T490. It's excellent and they're built like tanks. If you really like the tablet feel, look at the Lenovo Yoga. 

Watch Gary from Rockford, IL Comments

Gary got a TIVO Bolt six months ago that uses a cable card, but it's now stuck in "guided setup" with his zip being wrong. How can he reset it? Leo suspects that particular Bolt is defective, perhaps with a faulty hard drive. But Leo replaced his, and it's wasn't the hard drive. So the next option is the power supply. But it sounds like the Bolt isn't all that reliable.

But Mike B in the chatroom says that your cable card may not be correctly configured. Go to your cable store and either ask for a new one or repair that card to your account. 

Watch Russ from Benton Harbour, Michigan Comments

Russ wants to control his Chromebook from his tablet. Can he do that? Leo says that there's an extension called Chrome Remote Desktop. It's in the Google Play Store. 

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Watch John from Mount Juliet, Tennessee Comments

John has a Sony A7R and he's having some focusing issues with his lens. Leo says that you can sometimes accidentally switch off autofocus on the lens. So make sure your switch is enabled to AF. Another thing to do is update the lens' firmware. Yes, your lens has firmware. It may be old or even corrupted. So update it. Also, clean the contacts with a QTip and some alcohol. 

Watch Edmond from Burbank, CA Comments

Edmond wants to know if Google Photos is a good backup option for his family photos. Leo says it is. You can upload unlimited high-resolution images or up to 15GB of uncompressed Raw images. And it's searchable in a variety of ways. But the caller says it's not uploading his images anymore and some of the facial recognition doesn't work well. Leo says to make sure the faces you gather together are named. Train it. But it sounds like Google may have changed the feature or took it out of a recent update. 

Watch Karen from Diamond Bar, California Comments

Karen is still having issues with Microsoft Outlook 365. She wants to know what her alternatives to Outlook are? Leo suggests going to There's a good chance you can log in where your contacts and data will already be there. You can also export all your contacts there and then use an alternative like Google Contacts.

Watch David from Temecula,CA Comments

David is looking for a tablet that he'd like to have a projector and can "cast." Leo says that Lenovo had one running Android 6 in 2015, and there were the mini pico projectors. Everyone thought it was the next big thing, but it really hasn't taken off and it drifted away. Even Google gave up on a Chrome tablet moving forward. The last one that they still sell is the Google Pixel Slate. But it's not cheap.

Leo says that Dave is going to have to get a dedicated projector probably. The bottom line, projectors generate a lot of heat when illuminating a projector bulb. And smaller pico style projectors just weren't that bright. 

A better option is a projector you can connect to via HDMI or go with a large LCD TV that you can Chromecast to with a laptop. There are plenty of convertibles from HP and Acer. That would give you the best of both worlds. 

Watch Eddie from California Comments

Eddie is looking for a good color printer for occasional printing. Leo likes the Epson EcoTank 4550 (who is a sponsor of The Tech Guy show & the TWiT Network). It comes with a lifetime of ink. It'll cost a bit more, but you're saving on ink down the road.

Watch Robert from Fountain Valley, California Comments

Robert has two USB hard drives that have data on them that he's lost. How can he recover them? Leo says it's possible that Robert was detaching the hard drive as it was writing and it corrupted the drive. You could try a file recovery app like Recuva, but if you removed the drive while it's writing, the data is likely scuffed.