What Should I Get for Data Storage?

Episode 1644 (1:45:00)

Gifford from Duarte, CA
Thunderbolt 3

Gifford is getting a new Mac but he also needs some storage for his 6TB of data. Is a Drobo a good option? Should he build a Hackintosh? Leo says that's a fun project, but it'll never be as reliable as a bonafide Mac.

As for the online storage, Leo recommends getting a smaller SSD to house his OS and apps, and then go with Thunderbolt 3 or USB 4 (next year) to connect storage. A Drobo will work, but so would network-attached storage (NAS) system like from Synology. It's a better solution for what Gifford wants than Drobo, but both will work. Synology also has media server software if he wants to keep movies at the ready.