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Episode 1644 (18:20)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about content creator intent vs. consumer choice. Netflix is doing a trial run on playing back movies at up twice the normal speed. Leo says that Lisa listens to books at that speed. She gets more read that way.

But Scott says that directors are really up in arms over it, saying it alters the creative intent of the movie. It works in audio, because of pitch shifting. But for Video, well Leo says it makes the actors look like the Keystone cops.

In other news, Disney is bringing the Simpsons to Disney+ with the option to watch them in 4:3. The first 19 seasons were shot on 4:3, and when watching in widescreen, some TVs will zoom in, cutting some things out.

The Han Shot First issue is back, as Disney+ has a new version of Star Wars: A New Hope, where Greedo shoots first, but In the Disney+ version, Lucasfilm has added a moment where Greedo says "McClunky" before Han shoots him.

Leo says that while cord-cutting has made streaming a serious new way to what your favorite content, you're not really saving anything over cable. And with everyone launching their own service, you'll have to pay even more to get all the content you want, plus the cost of the internet to deliver it, which is also even more because cable companies charge you more if you don't have their cable TV service.