How can I use my phone in Japan?

Episode 1643 (1:37:00)

Sarah from Studio City, California
AT&T Passport

Sarah is a professional artist who's traveling to Japan for an art gallery showing of her paintings. Will she have trouble connecting with her mobile device? Rich says it used to be that way, but now he recommends checking out You can also call AT&T and get their Passport. It's $10 a day and it will cover mobile data charges around the world. The other option is to rely on your hotel wifi. You can also download Google Maps before you leave the hotel. It'll be listed under "offline maps" and it won't use your data. Apple Maps will also work well in Japan. Lastly, you can get a local SIM for your phone (you'll need to have it unlocked) and buy a sim card when you get to the airport. But you will have a different phone number as a result. Check out

Another option is, and sign up an eSIM on your iPhone. It's $13 a week for unlimited data. You can also rent a WiFi hotspot for Japan.