How can I recover lost photos from an iPhone?

Episode 1643 (02:43)

from via Email
iPhone 11

Rich got an email from a viewer who lost all her precious pictures from the birth of her daughter because she didn't realize her iCloud account had reached its limits. So none of them were saved in the Cloud. When she swapped to a new phone, she lost all the images that were saved on her own phone. Is there a chance she can recover them? Rich says probably not. If you wiped the phone, there really isn't a way to get them back unless you have them backed up properly. And over-relying on iCloud could be a problem. Rich says to optimize your photos for iCloud storage so that you get a tiny version on your phone while the full resolution copy is on iCloud. And buy more space, it's not really that expensive. Another option is to enable the "My Photostream" option which will always backup the most recent 30 days of photos. It'll delete older photos, so you want to be sure you have them backed up elsewhere. Google Photos is a good option. It's free and you get unlimited high-resolution backup. If you're an Amazon Prime customer, you have free unlimited photo backup as well with Amazon Photos. Microsoft's One Drive is another option. Lastly, get an external hard drive. EBE is a wireless hard drive that can connect to your phone via WiFi and back it up, and there's Sandisk expand. 

The bottom line is that you should be backing not only your photos but your data, in general, using a 3-2-1 backup strategy: three backups, on two different formats, one off-site.