Sam Abuelsamid ... Over the Air

Episode 1641 (21:34)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Rich to talk about how modern cars are connected, and as such, users can get over the air updates, much like their cell phones. Ford's next-gen infotainment system, called Ford Sync 4, will have some interesting new features including over the air software updates. Tesla was the first to do it in the Model S in 2012, and Tesla owners love it. Sam says that manufacturers are also going to ethernet connected systems since today's cars have multiple computers in them. But Rich worries that updates could break your car, or you may have to pay for updates if you want new features. Sam says that Tesla did that with automated driving, giving owners the option to enable it later by paying an extra fee. But you'll also have to have a wireless subscription, and most are included in the service for 3-5 years. It'll be updated either through cellular or through your home wifi connection.