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Watch Manny from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Comments

Manny wants to know why he can't stream using his streaming device from a hotel when he's traveling. Rich says that if you're traveling internationally, many streaming services are region coded, preventing you from watching content that isn't local. As a result, people are using VPNs when traveling to get past that. So try a VPN.

Watch Bob from Tijuana, Mexico Comments

Bob recently moved south to Tijuana, Mexico, and now his wireless printer won't connect. He's using the same equipment except for his new WiFi router. But still, no luck. Rich says that Bob will need to reset the printer to factory settings and then reset it up with his network to get the new settings. The printer is looking for an address that doesn't exist anymore. So remove the printer and then reboot and add the printer again.

Watch Jerry from Pennsylvania Comments

Jerry bought a DVR from Dish, and now he can't use it because he canceled the service. Is that fair? Rich says that even though you bought the DVR, Jerry still has to use the Dish service for it to operate. Rich recommends getting a TIVO; you can use it with a variety of services.

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Watch Scott from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Scott's company is shifting to using the iPhone from laptops and needs a keyboard for it. Rich says any Bluetooth keyboard will work, and he recommends the Logitech K480 ($50) or the Logitech Keys to Go. Is there a wired option? Rich says it's possible that you could get a wired to Bluetooth adapter. But if your company locks down the Bluetooth, you may be out of luck.

Watch Tony from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Tony says that Apple has killed third party reminders on iCloud with iOS 13.2. Rich says that Apple has locked down a lot of things on iOS 13, and third party reminders is one of them. It's a security issue. 

Watch Ryan from Eureka, CA Comments

Ryan has T-Mobile and they offer 600 MHz 5G and 600 Mhz 4G. Should he wait for the One Plus 7T next year? Rich says that 5G isn't really a thing right now. It's not going to be robust and widespread enough for another year. So there's no real rush to get a 5G phone, and they're first-generation anyway which will likely have bugs or fewer features, than if you wait a year. Also, since Ryan lives in a rural area, he's not going to really be able to take advantage of 5G right away anyway. 

Watch Joseph from Grand Forks, North Dakota Comments

Joseph wants to an SD card into his phone and make it part of "adoptable storage," making the phone think that the phone is larger than it is. Rich says that Samsung doesn't allow that on their phones anymore because it's difficult to do, and if the card gets corrupted or loosened, it could prevent your phone from working properly. So Rich says that even though Android supports it, Samsung may have locked that feature out. Is there a workaround? Rich says you may be able to do it by rooting the phone, but it's not all that easy. Rich recommends FilesGo, which is Google's way of clearing out space on your mobile phone to make more space. 

From ScooterX in the chatroom -

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Watch Joe from Knoxville, TN Comments

Joe has switched his parents over to Comcast for internet access and TV, and he's having a hard time opening ports through the router for their alarm system. What can he do? Rich says to try what Xfinity recommends here - If that doesn't work, then it may be that the port forwarding capability of Xfinity is limited. Rich also says to make sure the firmware is updated.

If all else fails, request a newer router. Often you get equipment from your ISP, and it's really outdated. So request a newer, updated one.

Watch José from Modesto, CA Comments

José would like to be anonymous online. How can he minimize his online footprint with Mac addresses? Rich says that most systems are encrypted now, and Google is pushing all websites to update to https. So your traffic gets more encrypted. If that's not enough for you, then randomizing your Mac address is a good way to do it. In iOS 13, for instance, Apple devices generate randomized Mac addresses while online. That's a good way to keep yourself protected. You may try using a VPN, or you can browse privately.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria's Windows 7 computer "went out" recently. It seems to be stuck in a boot loop. Rich says a software update may have broken your computer. Rich suggests going into safe mode and see if it will boot up. Use the F8 key when it's booting up. If it does, then that indicates a corrupted driver. Maybe a video driver. You can also bring your computer into a nearby Microsoft Store and they will run diagnostics to see what's going on. But with Windows 7 reaching End of Life in January, it's time to think about getting Windows 10. Rich also recommends looking at a Google Chromebook. For most people, about 99% can get by on the Chrome browser. And they're much cheaper than buying a new Windows PC.

Gloria is also working on getting her first website with Verizon's Visible website. What phone? Rich recommends either the iPhone or the Google Pixel 3A. 

Watch Tom from Burlington, VT Comments

Tom's iPhone 5S died, and he bought a new iPhone 8. But he's not having luck with the 3D touch option. It just doesn't respond. And at other times, it seems overly sensitive. What is going on? Rich says that since the phone is still under warranty, it'll be worth going to the Apple Store and have the digitizer tested. If you don't have one nearby, Best Buy is now an authorized iPhone service center. A reboot of the phone will also help.