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Episode 1640 November 2, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch David from Long Beach, CA Comments

David is having trouble with constant buffering with Netflix on his PS3. But it doesn't do it with subtitles. What gives? Rich says the first thing to look at is what has changed before the buffering began. Often, a change can cause those things. Rich also recommends going to and test your internet speed. Rich also recommends uninstalling the Netflix app from David's PS3 and then reinstall it. Also, make sure that the PS3 is updated. Rich suspects that an update may not have been completely installed and uninstalling and reinstalling usually clears things up.

Watch Gary (Dr. Bird) from Laguna Niguel, California Comments

Dr. Bird spends a lot of time in remote areas photographing birds. Dr. Bird wants to know how he can attach an antenna to his Samsung Galaxy S7 so he can make a better cellular connection. Rich suggests looking at products from WeBoost. They can work for extending the cellular range. But if he's out in the middle of nowhere, he won't be guaranteed a signal where cellular coverage doesn't exist. That's where satellite phones come into play. 

Watch Trina from Azusa, CA Comments

Trina is having issues with green dotes appearing on her iPhone photos. Rich says that there may be some reflection going off the lenses. It shouldn't happen, but lens flares do happen when users aim the camera towards a strong light source. Rich recommends using SnapSeed's healing mode to solve it. It works really well. 

From the chatroom -

Watch Ron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ron wants to know how he can find Rich's feature on facial recognition online. Rich says that facial recognition is happening everywhere and in China, they use it to gauge citizen's social credit score. Very draconian. Rich says that any tech segment on KTLA can be found on their website. 

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Ann from Long Beach, California Comments

Ann complains that her iPhone won't charge in her car anymore. She gets a message saying "accessory not supported." Rich suspects that the port in her mobile device could be a bit dirty and blowing it out could help improve the connection. But it could also be time to get a new cable. They do stop working after a while and that message usually indicates a degrading connection. For the fastest, go with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Watch Rob from San Marco, CA Comments

Mike is complaining that he can't get his email on his phone in his area. Rich suspects that the email client is trying to access LTE and he may not have access to LTE. So he recommends that when Mike is in a spotty LTE area, he should go into the phone settings and drop the speed down to 3G. That is usually enough to get the proper connection.

Watch Von from Columbus, IN Comments

Von recently cut the cord and would like to use an antenna with a DVR. What can he use that doesn't require the internet? Rich says that Amazon Fire TV Recast can be set up with the internet and then disconnected. Trouble is, he has to do it over and over again every few weeks. TIVO may work for weeks without connecting to the internet. Rich says that TMobile has a new Internet for everyone's service.

Leo usually recommends ChannelMaster. 

Watch Max from West LA, CA Comments

Max has an iPhone SE, and he recently upgraded to iOS 13. He bought a second one to keep, just in case. Will it work when he needs it? Rich suggests unboxing the phone and keeping it up to date as new updates occur. He doesn't know what may happen in the future. But the update runway may not be all that long. Still, if he waits to update it, the phone may not be able to connect to the update servers a year or two from now. So keep it updated. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Gary from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Gary uses Microsoft Outlook and OneNote and wants to know if he can use a Chromebook. Rich says that the Chromebook is super simple for 99% of everyone who lives online. But if he lives and dies by those two apps, he is not going to get all he needs in a Chromebook. 

Watch Matthew from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Matthew's 2012 retina Macbook Pro recently died and he wants to know if he should repair it or buy a new one. Rich says that $900 is a pricey repair for a laptop that's 7 years old. He is better off using that money to buy a newer and faster one.

Watch Karen from Silverado, CA Comments

Karen had her power shut off recently due to the wildfires and now she can't connect to her network via WiFi. Rich says this is common and can happen when turning things back on. If she doesn't reboot both in the right order, she won't be able to connect. So Rich recommends turning them off again and unplugging them. Then plug in the modem, and the router afterward.

Watch Tim from Riverside, CA Comments

Tim is interested in the Epson Ecotank Printer. but they don't seem to have a place to plug in a flash drive to print from them. Rich says that Epson may have dropped that feature because so many are printing wirelessly from their phones. He can, however, plug in an SD card and print that way. He may need to get a previous model that supports it on eBay. Another option is to look at Epson's business line. They may still support it. The Epson Expression 640 supports it. 

Watch Curtis from Victorville, CA Comments

Curtis has an iPhone 5S and is concerned that about the iOS 13 update. Rich says that the 5S is too old for iOS 13, but he can upgrade to iOS 12. Curtis also has an Apple Watch and it's not connecting to his iPhone. Rich says that the best thing to do is go to the Apple Store and talk to a genius. They always have the right solution to connect.