Sam Abuelsamid and the Backseat Byton

Episode 1639 (18:14)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo from the back seat of a new electric vehicle called the Byton, founded by former executives from BMW and Nissan. Sam says it's a decent design with a nice interior. But the key design is a massive 48" display that spans the entire dashboard. The screen, which isn't a touchscreen, is too far away to touch it, so you use a touch interface to manipulate it.  Because it's so far away, it's closer to your line of sight, making it easier to keep it in focus and prevents you from looking away from the road. Leo says it's pretty weird. The range for the base version will be about 180-250 miles. The price is going to be about $45,000. It'll be made in China, which means that tariffs will come into play.