How can I backup my photos on my mac?

Episode 1639 (1:43:10)

Larry from Temecula, CA
MacBook Pro

Larry has an old 2015 MacBook Pro with a 256GB SSD. It's not enough for his Raw Photo storage. Should he get an external hard drive or replace the internal one? Or maybe get a RAID? Leo says it's not that hard to replace the SSD in that 2015 MacBook pro. It's just a few screws, and has videos showing you how to do it. Getting an external may be OK, but it's not Thunderbolt 3, so it won't be as fast as internal. Leo also recommends learning about 3-2-1 backup from Leo also recommends backing up the photos online. Google Photos is a great place to do that. Also, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you get free photo storage. And of course, iCloud for iOS users. Make sure you turn on iCloud Photo Library. It'll save all photos in full resolution and then keep smaller thumbnails on your phone. You can then turn on the same settings in Apple Photos.