Is a Hotspot Better than a Local SIM when Traveling Internationally?

Episode 1638 (31:11)

John from Indianapolis, IN

John is going to Prague soon for a vacation. He's looking for his data options while there and how to translate the language he will see. Leo says that is a great place to find what local sims are available. Is there a pro/con of using a SIM vs. a hotspot? Leo says absolutely. Go for the hotspot. A local SIM will change his phone number while in the country, and as such, nobody can reach him unless they have his new number. The advantage of the hotspot is he can not only connect his phone to it and keep his number, but he can connect up to five different devices as well. John will want to turn off data roaming though. He should bring an extra battery pack because hot-spotting will drain his phone battery faster.

Can he bring his Echo device so he can listen to podcasts in the US? Leo says some features may not work because he's in another country. If he has a VPN like OpenVPN, it should work like in the US.