Can I Hardwire My Android Phone to a Router?

Episode 1638 (47:20)

David from Frederick, MD
Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

David lives in a poor cellular area and wants to connect his phone to his home internet. But he wants to do it wired. Leo says that WiFi is pretty fast these days and that's the way to do it. He could conceivably get a USB/Ethernet dongle and plug it directly into a router. Then it depends on the phone. Samsung has a DEX adapter. Amazon sells an iOS to an Ethernet adapter with a lightning connector. It would have to be Ethernet to USB-C and the device would have to have a driver to understand it. Most phones don't expect users to do that, so there are no drivers to support it. But even if he got it all working, it likely wouldn't be as fast as WiFi. So just keep it connected via Wifi.