How can I stop my computer from booting in a loop?

Episode 1637 (1:47:29)

Ellen from Costa Mesa, CA
ASUS Laptop

Erin's Asus laptop has been stuck in a reboot loop, repairing "disk errors." What can she do? Leo says that the hard drive could be having issues, and Windows repair didn't "take." You can do a startup repair by going into safe mode, type Windows Key + Reset, and under advanced options, there is a startup repair option. You can also do it by using a 16GB USB key version of windows created by Windows Media Creation Tool and run the repair that way. You can then go into your BIOS and have it run the USB key first. When Windows loads, you can run the startup repair. But it may also be a dying hard drive that is failing in its master boot record. Run the fix from the USB key. You'll have better luck that way.

Another option is to run SpinRite. That'll repair it at the sector level, but that's $89, so it's kind of expensive. It's cheaper to buy a new hard drive.

And that's why you need to backup your data. This can happen at any time.