How can I record web activity online?

Episode 1637 (1:20:54)

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA
The Web

Jeff hates airpods. Leo agrees. They're awful. Very uncomfortable and way too easy to lose. Jeff also gets frustrated that his iPhone always seems to slip into silent mode. Leo says that's why he has a plastic case that has a lip on it, so the switch won't accidentally slip into it. Jeff is also perplexed that he can download a 30-minute chunk of air traffic control animation from WebTrack, but when he downloads another, he loses the first one. How is that happening?  Leo says it's likely some animation that is coded online, and you'd have to do your own coding to create an app to capture it or trick the site into letting you modify it and capture it. 

Another option is to try another site like FlightAware. LiveATC.Net