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Watch Fred from Columbia MD Comments

Fred called in to say that there's a new wireless microphone for the hard of hearing, which can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and Quatro hearing aids so that those with trouble hearing can participate in group conversations. Leo says that's a great feature. Leo loves that modern hearing aids can interact with your mobile phones in order to listen better.  Check them out here -

Leo also adds that starting next year, those in need of hearing aids will have to get a prescription. They will be illegal to buy over the counter.

Watch Stacy from Commerce Township, MI Comments

Stacy's mom likes a radio station in Pittsburgh, but it will only work on Is there a way to get it directly on from her Amazon Echo? Leo says that if it's on TuneIn, then you can get it directly. If not, check IHeartRadio. You may be able to set it up using the Echo App, but it's not an easy process. 

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Watch Joey from Dundas, Ontario Comments

Joey is having issues with his Plex media server (Plex is a sponsor of TWiT). He can see his media files on the Synology NAS, but he can't access the files at all. Leo says you may have to turn on a sharing file system like SMB. Stop and restart your file server software to be sure it's properly running. Ports may also need to be opened in your router. Check your firewall log to see if those ports are being blocked.

Watch Bruce from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Bruce is frustrated that he can't watch Major League Baseball where he lives because it's blacked out. Leo says that blacking out sporting events was created fifty years ago, and it's a policy that needs to be changed. You could stream using a VPN, but a lot of streaming companies block them.

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff hates airpods. Leo agrees. They're awful. Very uncomfortable and way too easy to lose. Jeff also gets frustrated that his iPhone always seems to slip into silent mode. Leo says that's why he has a plastic case that has a lip on it, so the switch won't accidentally slip into it. Jeff is also perplexed that he can download a 30-minute chunk of air traffic control animation from WebTrack, but when he downloads another, he loses the first one. How is that happening?  Leo says it's likely some animation that is coded online, and you'd have to do your own coding to create an app to capture it or trick the site into letting you modify it and capture it. 

Another option is to try another site like FlightAware. LiveATC.Net

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Watch Larry from Falcon, CO Comments

Larry is looking for a bitlocker type program for his Mac. Leo says that Mac has its own encryption built-in called FileOS. But if you want to encrypt a USB key, then a third-party app may be a better option. Samsung sells large portable SSDs in 1 and 2TB that come with the encryption included for both Windows and Mac. It's built-in. VeraCrypt is another. And it's free.

Watch Harold from West Covina, CA Comments

Harold is on TMobile and he's noticing that many robocalls are going straight to voicemail. Leo says that could be a false positive from TMobile's spam calling feature that routes the call to voicemail without you knowing that the call even happened. Leo says that try disabling that feature on your phone and see what happens. You'll likely get a ton more robocalls though. But when Harold reboots his phone, it goes away. The chatroom suggests disabling WiFi calling. Sometimes that can cause it. But Leo suspects its a call screening feature of your carrier. It could also be a spam technique called "Ringless Voicemail" where the spammer can send a prerecorded call directly to your voicemail.

Watch Ellen from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Erin's Asus laptop has been stuck in a reboot loop, repairing "disk errors." What can she do? Leo says that the hard drive could be having issues, and Windows repair didn't "take." You can do a startup repair by going into safe mode, type Windows Key + Reset, and under advanced options, there is a startup repair option. You can also do it by using a 16GB USB key version of windows created by Windows Media Creation Tool and run the repair that way. You can then go into your BIOS and have it run the USB key first. When Windows loads, you can run the startup repair. But it may also be a dying hard drive that is failing in its master boot record. Run the fix from the USB key. You'll have better luck that way.

Another option is to run SpinRite. That'll repair it at the sector level, but that's $89, so it's kind of expensive. It's cheaper to buy a new hard drive.

And that's why you need to backup your data. This can happen at any time.

Watch William from Alaska Comments

William's computer was hacked and he knows who did it. He was the victim of a phishing scam that nabbed him after he clicked on an email link. Leo says William should change all his passwords, wipe his hard drive and start over. But call the police first. If you can prove the information, call the police and then bring the computer to them.