Why am I getting so many notifications after updating my phone?

Episode 1635 (2:01:46)

Rich from Worcester, Massachusetts
iPhone 6S+

After upgrading his iPhone 6S+ and his son's iPhone 7 to 13.1.2, Rich's phones began to get a bunch of old email notifications from Apple's mail application. Leo thinks it could be something within his iCloud client that's causing his phone to popup old email notifications, so it's best to check there. It is also possible that during the update to 13.1.2, the update could have done something to the iCloud application on Rich's phones. Unfortunately, when these issues occur with the app on the phone, it can be reflected in the iCloud client. If everything checks out fine within iCloud, then it could be just the email data stored on the phone became corrupted. Just need to reindex & rebuild the emails on the phone, and it should fix itself that way.