How do I stop notifications from popping up on my phone?

Episode 1635 (34:57)

Diana from Beverly Hills, California
iPhone 6S+

Diana is having issues with her iPhone 6S+ camera after the Apple Store updated her phone to the latest supported software, has had notifications popping up more frequently, and wants to fix it to continue using it. Leo says you can uninstall the apps on your phone to clear up space & anything that would be bogging down the use of your camera. You can also disable notification popups within your apps, but you will need to do it manually with each app.

Diana at this point is looking to a new phone that is simpler, has fewer applications, and possibly no camera app. Leo says, unfortunately, all iPhones will have pretty much the same apps and the same camera app. A tablet is another good options though, Diana can go with an iPad that starts around $300.