Scott Wilkinson ... More about Gemini Man

Episode 1634 (24:55)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott went and saw Gemini Man this week and said the film was shot at 120 fps, five times more than traditional cinematic frame rates. This made the film very sharp and detailed, something that not everyone likes, but Scott does. Ang Lee also shot it in pure 3D at 4K resolution. The irony is, there are no theaters in the US that can show 4K 3D at 120p. So you have to decide what you want. 3D. 4K. or 120p (2K). Scott says to see it in 120p if you can. There are 14 theaters around the country showing that option.  The film isn't that great, but if you're a cinematic tech geek, it's worth seeing for how the technology benefit. It's essentially a long, technology demo. Leo believes that the high frame rate is akin to a technological rabbit hole, and Ang Lee is sacrificing a solid career in order to go down it.