How Can I Get Square to Stop Dropping Bluetooth?

Episode 1634 (1:32:15)

Emily from Altoona, PA

Emily has a store business and she uses Square to process credit card sales. But it keeps disconnecting. Leo says that square uses Bluetooth and if people have their Bluetooth on, it could cause interference. Doctor Mom says hers failed all the time, and it has to be very close to your paired device. Leo says to forget the device and then repair it. Make sure the card reader firmware is updated. ScooterX in the chatroom says that the firmware should be vs. 2.29.6. After that, the next move is to call Square. She may want to demand Square offer a wired solution. But Leo says that Bluetooth is unreliable. 

Dan calls in to say he uses the Square and the chip reader for his business, and he discovered that Square still supports swiping, so in the meantime, try that.