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Watch Luke from Abaco Islands, Bahamas Comments

Lou is from the Bahamas and he's looking for a way to stay connected after a natural disaster. Leo says Satellite Phones are a good option. They aren't cheap, but if he can rent them, he can stay connected when he needs it. But a more affordable thing to do is to become a ham radio operator. He can get a handheld device and become a part of the emergency action network. Then when he needs to make a call, have a ham route the radio through to a phone. That's both affordable and valuable when there's an emergency. Check out the Amateur Radio League. He can also check out the TWiT Show HAM NATION


Watch Mark from Brooklin, Ontario Comments

Mark just upgraded to the iPhone XS. But now he's having buyer's remorse because it feels smaller than he's used to. Should he return it? Leo says to bring it back and get the iPhone XS Max. It'll also have a longer battery life. In fact, go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it's got an even bigger battery. Users can usually return a phone after a few days, so go for it.

Watch Jay from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jay called in to talk about a new service that's a portable cell phone system, that can be set up with drones immediately. The drones can be tethered, and be up within minutes. The drones can stay up in the air for up to ten hours. The service is also agnostic, being an unlocked tower.  The service us called 34 North Drones.

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Watch Dan from Clairmont, CA Comments

Dan upgraded to OS X Catalina last week, and he's starting to get a warning that Google will be able to read, delete and compose email in his account. Leo says that isn't from Google. He suspects that Dan may have an extension installed in Safari that's causing that, or that it could be a standard European GDPR warning message. But even if he approves it, he can revoke the permissions in settings. But first, look at extensions.  Safari-Preferences-Extensions.

Watch Julie from Downey, California Comments

Julie's mom in Buffalo has very poor cellular service. They've tried just about everything. Should she try Verizon? Leo says that it's best to see what the local coverage is. T-Mobile, for instance, is very good in cities, but not in rural areas. Ask her neighbors. Verizon may be better, but they're more expensive. Spectrum, though, uses Verizon's network. In fact, check with MVNOs. They buy cell service in bulk and resell it. If she can get one for Verizon, you could save.

Watch Emily from Altoona, PA Comments

Emily has a store business and she uses Square to process credit card sales. But it keeps disconnecting. Leo says that square uses Bluetooth and if people have their Bluetooth on, it could cause interference. Doctor Mom says hers failed all the time, and it has to be very close to your paired device. Leo says to forget the device and then repair it. Make sure the card reader firmware is updated. ScooterX in the chatroom says that the firmware should be vs. 2.29.6. After that, the next move is to call Square. She may want to demand Square offer a wired solution. But Leo says that Bluetooth is unreliable. 

Dan calls in to say he uses the Square and the chip reader for his business, and he discovered that Square still supports swiping, so in the meantime, try that.

Watch Jeff from Eastern, MD Comments

Jeff has an eCommerce site with Squarespace and they have an abandonment cart feature. Is it worth the money? is there another way to see that without paying the price for it? Leo says that it may be worth it if sales are brisk. According to studies, up to 70% of sales are abandoned before the sale is completed, so having those analytics could be beneficial. Leo recommends calling SquareSpace and ask for a free trial. 

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Watch Mike from Salt Lake City, Utah Comments

Mike wants to know if he should buy a MacBook Pro instead of his old MacBook Air. Or should he go to a Dell XPS laptop? Leo says it depends on what Mike is going to use his laptop for.  Leo says that a MacBook Air is a great choice for doing Mike's business. But so is the MacBook Pro. Leo would recommend the 13" model for better battery life. Leo also says that the new HP Spectre 360 will be coming out in a few weeks and it'll offer all-day battery life. Thin and light. It also has the 10th-generation Intel processor. 

Watch George from Commerce, CA Comments

George has an iMac, but it won't let him upgrade to Catalina.  Leo says to go to the Apple Menu and look under System Preferences. There's an update feature there, so select the gear. It'll run the update check. He can also look for the compatibility checker here -


Watch Mike from San Diego, CA Comments

Mike wants to know if he can use more than one monitor on his computer. Leo says that most modern-day computers do support multiple monitors and both Windows and macOS support it natively. But the computer has to have more than one display port or HDMI port to do it. Most do out of the box these days.

Watch Howard from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Howard is having trouble with iMovie. He can't share video from it. It's constantly a compressor error. Leo says that iMovie has to render a video file using Apple Compressor. There may be a damaged file. There was an update this week, so check to see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, try uninstalling and reinstalling. Make sure to delete the compressor file and then reinstall it.