Is there a self powered laptop cooler?

Episode 1631 (2:06:35)

Nooru from Mission Viejo, California
FEMOR Laptop Cooling Pad

Nooru has a laptop that is overheating. Will a cooling pad work and is there one that is self-powered? Leo says that most of them are powered by the USB port in your laptop. But will also plug into a USB adapter that plugs into the wall. Everyone who has a mobile phone has a USB adapter AC plug. So all you need is a cable long enough to do it. Another option is to use a portable USB power bank. You can then just attach that to the back of your cooler and it'll run for days. Any particular brand? Leo says no. They're all pretty much made by the same company in China. So anywhere you can buy them. But don't spend more than $15. Leo recommends Alibaba. It'll take a while to get to you, but they sure are inexpensive.