Should I get a 5G phone?

Episode 1631 (1:57:45)

Edward from Detroit, MI

Edward is a long-time listener who is legally blind. He has the iPhone 6+, and he's looking at the new iPhone 11. Leo says that Edward will love it, but the biggest annoyance is no headphone jack. That's still crazy. Will the iPhone 11 be 5G? Leo says no. It's not. But that's OK, 5G really won't be widespread until 2021. So if you want 5G, Samsung's Galaxy 10 is the way to go. But just because you can get 5G, you may not get 5G in your neighborhood. 5G is extremely limited because it takes four times the cellular coverage. So right now, it's just marketing (LYING). 5G isn't really a technology. It's just the next generation of the wireless spec. So you're not losing anything right now by not having it.  Leo says that LTE is still really fast and you're not going to get anything with 5G that you don't already have.