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Episode 1630 (2:11:11)

The Giz Wiz

This week's gadget is an all-purpose LED that does it all. The HLZHOU 2 Pack Portable 3-IN-1 Decorative Flame light Ultra Bright Flashlights Collapsible Survival Kit for Emergence, Outdoor Black. Flickering Flames Design: The distinctive dancing flame is attractive, and looks like a real flame. This flickering candle effect lantern will be the best choice as an alternative to candle lanterns. 2-IN-1 Ultra Bright Design: It’s a 360 degree LED outdoor camping lantern, also a flashlight. There is a foldaway handle you can use to hang our lantern from a branch, beam or tent-pole. You can also use it in hand as your flashlight. The press of a button turns the flash light on and off; Pull up the handles to turn on the lantern, fully collapse the lantern to turn off the light, then just pull up again to turn the lantern back on and change to the flame mode light. With over 100,000 hours of led bulb lifespan, they outdo any candle camp lamp. Water-resistant to IPX4 standard. $15.99 + $5.99 shipping. (Not Amazon Prime & Batteries not included). But the price is for two units, so they're only $10.99 each. And as you'll see in the video, I love these lanterns!! Watch the demo and I think you'll like them too.

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Amazon link:  (Not Amazon Prime, long shipping time.)

Not wacky enough? If you go to AliExpress you can order the Portable Rechargeable Stage Light Flashlight Retractable Flame Effect Lantern Lamp Camping Tent Light with LED disco light! Although they look similar in many ways there are few additional features of this lantern. You still get the camping tent light and flame effect light, flashlight, but this one adds an LED party light at the top. But wait, there's more! Not only is does this model boast colorful and romantic lighting effect for Halloween parties, birthdays parties, disco parties, dance parties, Christmas parties, pool parties, Holiday, Wedding, Karaoke, DJ - it has a built-in battery capacity, 1200mAh. Wait, there's still MORE! It has a solar charging panel on the side and it comes with a charging cable. And it's cheap. Under $9.00 on 9/28/19. It does take 2-3 weeks to arrive. It looks like it's mostly plastic, but it does work. (So far.)