How can I use my Android phone with Apple CarPlay?

Episode 1629 (35:28)

Doctor Bird from California
Apple CarPlay

Doctor Bird just bought a brand new Toyota Rav 4, but it only comes with Apple Carplay. How can he get his Android phone to connect and get recognized for navigation? Leo says that is a bad trend, and Sam says that most car makers are making players that will support both. Sam says that if you're ordering a 2019 model, it should support Android Auto as well. If it doesn't, an over the air software update should fix it. The dealer may also be able to reflash the system to give Android Auto support. Also, Android Auto is separate from in-vehicle navigation. It should project your Maps app to the screen.  Another option is to go to Google Maps; you can download maps for where you're going, and be able to navigate with offline maps via GPS. And it won't use any data.