Scott Wilkinson ... 1 1/2 Times the Screen Height

Episode 1628 (25:44)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott saw some content on a Samsung 8K TV last week, and he sat about one screen height away from the image (it's best at 1 1/2 times). It was so good he could barely see the pixels. Very sharp. The problem is, there is no real native 8K content, and probably won't be for a while. And Scott says that while the resolution was impressive, he couldn't see much of a difference between it and uncompressed 4K UHD blu-ray. But Scott says that the upscaling is where 8K really is at right now. The upscaler in the Samsung 808Z9 is an AI upscaler that uses deep learning and a massive database to upscale 4K content into a gorgeous image. You can upscale lower resolutions and not see any jaggies or other anomalies.  Will people be buying 8K TVs a few years down the road? Scott says it's all but inevitable, since the manufacturers will push for it.