Leo got the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Episode 1628 (02:40)

 iPhone 11 Pro Max

Leo bought Apple's most expensive iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Leo says it's a work of art, and he also says it's largely future-proofed for the next two years. He also says that the biggest change is the odd three-camera array on the back, which looks like a missile launcher. But Leo says it takes really NICE pictures since Apple's camera app now lets you zoom while recording video and going between each lens. It also has Apple's version of Google's Night Sight, called Night Vision, where it takes up to 9 different images at different shutter speeds and aperture settings and then mashes them together to create a good image in low light. 

Apple also pushed out iOS 13 on Friday, and Leo advises to avoid upgrading to it for now. There are several bugs, and one serious security flaw that enables a hacker to see your contacts without unlocking the phone, if they get ahold of it. Apple is planning to release a patch on Tuesday. 

Leo also says that if you get a new iPhone, it's OK to restore from a backup, rather than do a clean install. In fact, Leo says that the clean install is a much larger hassle now than before. So backup your old iPhone, and then restore from it using iTunes. And while you're at backing it up, use an encrypted backup to get all your passwords as well.

Do you need a new iPhone? Leo says that only if you need to get a new phone because your contract is up (and maybe not even then) or if something is broken or you've lost your phone. Then, by all means, pick one up. They're really nice. But the iPhone 11 is currently the most popular.