Can I Still Upgrade to Windows 10 Before January?

Episode 1628 (38:55)

Manny from Utica, NY

Manny has a 17" Dell laptop running Windows 7. With Microsoft stopping support for it in January, he's concerned about it. Should he turn it into a Linux laptop? Leo says that if you can put Windows 10 on it for free, then it would give it a few more years. But if you have to buy Windows, Leo would advise not doing that and going with installing Linux on it. Leo likes PopOS by System 76. If that doesn't work because it's a bit heavyweight, then Xubuntu or Lubuntu is designed for older machines. Leo says one option to try is to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the Windows Media Creation Tool. Leo says he's been told by many that Microsoft is turning a blind eye to Windows 7 users upgrading for free, even after the free upgrade period has passed.