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Watch Hector from Napoleon, OH Comments

Hector has a Sandisk 64GB SD card from Best Buy, and now he's getting error messages due to "insufficient write speed."  Is there something wrong with his camera? Leo says that most SD cards today can keep up with the cameras they are used in. You need a class 4 card for the Vixia Camcorder, and Hector's is a class 10. So it's plenty fast. But it could be that the card is wearing out after steady use and it's starting to fail. When you start getting errors like that, you're living on borrowed time. So it's time to get a new card.

Watch Neil from Phoenix, Arizona Comments

Neil bought a new iPhone and wants to give his old iPhone X to a family member. How can he transfer the phone and number to them? Leo says that since Neil has Verizon, he has to have the phone unlocked, and they will do it with a request. But it's as simple as taking the SIM out: you'll want it with your new phone anyway. Then, you'll also want to erase the phone and restore it back to the factory settings. It would also be a good idea to backup your old phone before you do it so that you can restore all your settings and apps onto your new Phone. You're also going to release the phone with an iCloud password. Moving forward, you'll be able to buy a simless unlocked phone straight from Apple. 

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Watch Noland from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Noland has an iPhone 7 and he can't download podcasts. How does he do that? Leo says that you use a podcast app like Apple Podcast and then subscribe to a podcast. Then check "automatically download new episodes." But these days, most stream, rather than download, so it's not on by default. Another option is an app called PocketCast. If it's still not downloading, try unsubscribing, delete the feed, then re-add the feed. 

Watch Jeff from San Diego, CA Comments

Jeff wants to get a new iPhone (he's using an iPhone 4) but he doesn't wait to pay a lot for data. Leo says to go with Mint Mobile (who is a sponsor on the TWiT Network). It's an MNVO (mobile virtual network operator) and you can pay $300 a year and get 12GB annually. That's a pretty good deal.  Another option is Google Fi. It requires one of their phones, but you can pay as you go and it's very affordable. Plus you get access to multiple networks: it's great for international travel. 

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Watch Rick from Victorville, CA Comments

Rick is a teacher and he did a science experiment with a weather balloon and his GoPro. But it shut off after a few minutes, even though he had an external power source. What happened? Leo says that Lithium-Ion batteries don't do well in extreme temperatures, and several thousand feet up, it's -40 degrees up there. So it's likely the camera batteries died because of the cold temperatures. That's why those who do this, use an insulated box to house the camera and batteries. 

Some use hand warmers to keep your batteries warm during the flight. Also, use a juice pack that uses standard lithium AA batteries. Check out this Kit -

Here are a few other links to look at:

Watch Darryl from Orange County, CA Comments

Darryl has upgraded his home theater and wants to know what 4K streaming device to get: FireStick, Roku, or even AppleTV? Leo says you want to be sure that your streaming device is HDR compatible, that's more important than 4K. The advantage to going with the AppleTV is that Apple will upgrade all your purchased content to 4K for free. That's a huge benefit. What Leo doesn't like about the FireTV is that Amazon relentlessly advertises to buy stuff. The other option is ROKU. Leo's favorite streaming device is ROKU. It supports 4K HDR with Dolby Vision. 

What about streaming services? Leo says that cutting the cable is a good idea, but you will spend just as much, if not more than you did with a cable subscription. But the good news is, that you'll get the AppleTV+ service free for a year if you buy the AppleTV or other Apple products. 

Watch Alex from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Alex has an Samsung Note 8 mobile device, and after an operating system update, he's lost the abilty to stream music. Leo says that some updates will cause some apps to stop working, and if you used an app that is no longer supported, like the Milk streaming service, then you will lose the ability to use that app. Leo also says that Verizon often doesn't give updates in a timely manner. So it's not surprising. But you may also want to check to be sure that your app is still supported or updated. Or try another app.

Watch Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Barb's grandson is about to go to college and needs a new computer. Suggestions? Leo says that normally, it's good to contact the college program he's going to attend and see what the recommendation is. Often the book store has a student discount. But if he needs it now, then it depends on what OS he wants. Leo says that Mac is always the best option. For a laptop, a MacBook Air is a great option. Apple will also be announcing a new MacBook Pro next month that will be 16". What Leo recommends is to take him to the Apple Store and see what he likes. 

But if he wants Windows, then Leo likes Lenovo's All in One Desktop computer. Leo likes the Lenovo Yoga 8940. It's a great all-around system with a 27" touchscreen, built-in wireless charger, a stylus for the touchscreen, and it can double as his entertainment system. Then he can use an iPad to take notes.