The Giz Wiz ... Bike lights

Episode 1626 (2:09:50)


WingLights 360 Mag is a very cleverly designed new gadget that can be mounted on the ends of the handlebars of bikes and e-scooters. It provides a dual safety function using LED lights. In the “light mode” there's a bright white LED facing front with a bright red LED facing back so cars, trucks, other bikers can see your position on the road from all angles. A 360 lens is designed to make the lights highly visible, especially at night. But wait, there's more!! Tap on either the right or left light and it adds a yellow flashing LED directional signal so drivers know which way you're going to turn. You can tap it again to go off, or let it turn off automatically after about 45 seconds. Both lights are USB rechargeable & magnetically detachable to avoid being stolen when the bike is left outdoors. They come with a clever magnetic carrier with a carabineer so you can hook it to belt or backpack when you're away from the bike. The company says Mag Lights offer 48 Lumens via 4 Bright Power Efficient Orange LEDs Lights per Indicator with the addition of 10 lumens Red and 10 lumens White LEDs Lights per Indicator.. $79.99. There's also a version without the red & white lights for $49.99. There is also a non-magnetic version for $24.95 at the company website.

YouTube Video:

Turn-signals + red & white handlebar lights MSRP $79.99:

WingLights Mag (turn signals only) $49.99

Non-magnetic version as low as $24.95.