Can I capture video from a VCR with my tablet?

Episode 1625 (1:43:55)

Rick from Redding, CA
Analog to Digital Converter

Rick is retired and now he wants to take all his old video tapes and digitize them. He wants to know if he can use his Samsung Galaxy Tab that will do it. He can't find an app to capture with it. Leo says a VCR will be analog, and the computer is digital. You need an Analog to Digital converter to do that. Once you get that, you can use any capture software to capture with it. A tablet though may not be able to handle that. 

From ScooterX - but Leo isn't confident that will work. Your best bet is to look at the Samsung store for an app. It would need to be Samsung specific and you'll probably need a real computer to do it. Tablets are a different beast.