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Watch Octavio from Fontana, CA Comments

Octavio wants to make a switch to iOS, but he wants to know how he can do backup while on the road and not use iTunes? He wants to also backup his Windows machine with the same option. Leo says that if you want a "trust no one cloud backup" then there really isn't going to be a solution. But a local backup is your best bet for that, and that means a NAS (network-attached storage). Leo likes Synology. It'll backup every machine, except Octavio's iPad. Your only option there is to iCloud directly or through iTunes. But when iPadOS launches this week, you may be able to backup to an external drive locally. Only time will tell. 

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Watch Michael from Livermore, CA Comments

Mike bought a Lenovo Smart Display for his mother, but they're having trouble linking her feature phone to the display. Leo recommends creating a Google account for his mother, then use the app to sign into it. You can also get a cheap or used phone that can connect to WiFi. Set it all up and connect to her WiFi. Have only one icon on it for Google Home, and that should connect her. Also, check out the Google Home Hub Max.

Watch George from Victor, Montana Comments

George is having issues with his phone screen going black when he opens his Facebook app. What gives? Leo says that the Facebook app is crashing and closes out when the screen goes to black. If you delete it and reinstall it, that should solve the problem. 

Watch Richard from Grand Rapids, Michigan Comments

Richard bought a new DVD. And he can't play it. It's "dead." Leo says that it may not be dead, it may be region encoded. If there's a different region encoding for a different market, it won't play in your DVD player. Even if it played once before, it could have become region locked after that. The next thing to check is if it's PAL instead of NTSB. If that's the case, it won't play either. 

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Watch Sandy from Santa Clarita, California Comments

Sandy's RING Doorbell will not chime on her mobile phone. She installed an app called ZEDGE and it suddenly stopped. Leo says you can check your RING doorbell health by going into the app itself. Then look in the settings and see if it's been changed by the ZEDGE app. That could have caused it. Make sure your notifications are enabled. Here's some other suggestions -

Leo also recommends deleting ZEDGE and resetting your RING app.

Watch Rick from Redding, CA Comments

Rick is retired and now he wants to take all his old video tapes and digitize them. He wants to know if he can use his Samsung Galaxy Tab that will do it. He can't find an app to capture with it. Leo says a VCR will be analog, and the computer is digital. You need an Analog to Digital converter to do that. Once you get that, you can use any capture software to capture with it. A tablet though may not be able to handle that. 

From ScooterX - but Leo isn't confident that will work. Your best bet is to look at the Samsung store for an app. It would need to be Samsung specific and you'll probably need a real computer to do it. Tablets are a different beast.

Watch Tim from Oxford, CO Comments

Tim's internet is terrible because he lives in a rural area. His router managed to give him decent speed, but it went bad. So his wireless ISP gave him another one and it's terrible. Leo says that Brainstorm is a WISP, or wireless internet service provider, and you're most likely required to use their dedicated hardware. But you may be able to use your own router. But Leo suspects the problem is on their end. Routers to look at are TPLINK. Asus. NetGear. Check out for their recommendations.

Watch Dr. Bird from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Dr. Bird wants to know if there's a hybrid digital/satellite phone that will use satellite when in remote areas, and regular cells when he's in town. The Marines use those. Leo says that there are three satellite companies including IRIDIUM, Inmarsat, and Globalstar. So you choose your network and then choose your phones. The Thuraya X5 is supposed to be the world's first hybrid phone that does both. It's Android. But they also make a device called a "Satellite Sleeve" that will turn any mobile phone into a sat phone. Available at the Satellite Phone Store.

Check out Dr. Bird's images here -