Is There a Password Manager that Doubles as a VPN?

Episode 1624 (34:00)

Mike from Highland, CA

Mike needs a good password manager that can also serve as a VPN. Is there any? Leo says he doesn't think that there is one, but that is a great idea. Leo recommends LastPass or 1Password for a good password vault. As for VPNs, there are a lot of options out there, but beware of free VPNs, because to make money, they sell their traffic. So it really isn't all that secure. Leo recommends ExpressVPN. There's also the Tiny Hardware Firewall.

Leo also recommends setting all your major passwords with 2-factor authentication. But even then, there is a thing called "sim jacking" where a hacker can hack a phone number by getting a carrier to send them a new SIM. Then they have control of users' mobile phone number. And from there, they can gain access to any account one has with 2FA. So Leo recommends using an authenticator like AUTHY.