The Giz Wiz ... High Voltage

Episode 1624 (2:08:40)


The High Voltage Junction Box with Led-Illuminated Jumping Frayed Live Wires and Sizzling Sound Effects is Dick's latest gadget. An Electrifying Prop to Complete You Spooky Halloween Party Decoration. This is great looking prank box with hanging wires and cables is 28" high. It features authentic, sizzling sound effects, "sparking" LED illumination with jumping frayed live wires and even a junction box door that slams open and closed a bit when you activate the switch! It runs on 3AA batteries which were included. But there was also a note that they were 'try the device' batteries and should be replaced when you start using your High Voltage Junction Box. There are two ways to activate it. One is with a push button that hangs out of the back of the box, and the other way is with the ON/OFF lever on the box itself. That's the more impressive way to scare the unsuspected! I bought mine on eBay for about $24.00, but strangely it came from Home Depot. You can find it at Home Depot for $19.99. Last year around Halloween they were in short supply and I the cheapest one I saw on eBay was almost $65. So shop early if you want one for as little as $20. It's for indoor use only.

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This looks like the same thing on Amazon, but it's cheaper at Home Depot:


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