How can someone keep track of me without a smartphone?

Episode 1623 (32:06)

Clinton from North Carolina
iPhoneX Max

Clinton wants to know if there's a way to report his location when traveling without the use of a smartphone? Leo says that there are Personal Location Beacon (PLB) and Satellite Messengers. Satellite Messengers do require a subscription though. They connect via satellite, and you can set it up to contact anyone in the event of an emergency. But if you have an iPhone or an Android device with vs. 11, you can send an emergency call by pressing the on/off switch five times in quick succession.

Clinton also wants to know how his mother can shop online and protect her bank card information. Leo says you can generate a number with It can create a one time only number, or a number with a set limit, and it's locked to the same merchant.  It's a great security feature. You can also get an extension for your browser to do it all. That only disadvantage is, that it has to be connected to a debit card or bank account. You can also pause the card number at any time.