How can I use a microSD card for storage in my Android phone?

Episode 1623 (1:38:30)

David from New Mexico
microSD & microSD Adapter

David has heard that if he formats his microSD card to be part of his phone's memory, it'll be ruined for anything else. Leo says that Google created something called Adopted Storage for this kind of thing and gave up on it because if you remove the card, your phone will be unusable because the phone keeps looking for it.  And yes, it will only work with an Android device because it's encrypted. It was abandoned by Android vs. 9. Terrible idea. Better to just use it as an external storage area on your phone. Your phone has to support USB on the Go or UTG. The phone will have the drivers to see the card as an external drive. 

David doesn't like to use his laptop when he's doing recreational stuff. He's looking for a device that can be charged by a solar charger, that's small and light.