Can I multitask security camera footage with my every day computer use?

Episode 1623 (1:51:50)

Owen from Chicago, IL
Nvidia RTX 2070

Owen wants to know how he can protect his pro-level cameras. Leo says you can 1) never use the branded straps that come with the camera 2) buy a cheap leather case and wear it around your neck 3) place electrical tape on the white logos to make it harder to see what brand your camera is.

Owen also has a 6th gen Intel i7 and is upgrading to an Nvidia RTX card. He also needs to use his computer to run his security camera system. Can use it for that, and photo processing? Leo says a graphics card probably doesn't get involved when you're displaying security camera footage, and even if it does, the RTX 2070 is a beast. It has a ton of bandwidth. You'll be fine.