Why Did My PC Go Back in Time to 5 Years Ago?

Episode 1622 (1:57:55)

John from Philadelphia, PA

John was using an old XP machine to recover data on a failed hard drive. But when he rebooted the XP machine, it crashed and then came back up with a profile from 5 years ago. Leo says he suspects the current profile is damaged and that points to a failing hard drive. Eventually, it'll stop booting. So time to get a new hard drive. He could run SpinRite on it. But it's $90. Not cheap. But he can run it if he has it already. It would be worth the time to do it. 

Get the data off that old hard drive ASAP, and then replace it.

John is also having an issue with Android apps and his Chromebook. Recently, the Google Play store took out apps that he can't sideload them. Leo says that not all apps will work reliably on a Chromebook since they run in emulation. As such, Google takes them out.