Should I Trade in My Old Macbook Pro?

Episode 1622 (1:21:50)

Amy from Simi Valley, CA
Power Adapter

Amy has a MacBook Pro and she needs a new power cord. She was looking at the Apple website and it's very expensive. And unfortunately, the magnetic safe connector is proprietary, so there's not likely a third party version for cheaper.  So she's thinking of trading in her MacBook for $775 and get a new one or wait and let it just die. Leo says that a lot of Pro users like Leo have kept their 2015 Macbooks because they are the last design with a decent keyboard. But 2015 models are also being recalled for a swelling battery. So Amy may want to check to see if there is a recall. If the MacBook Pro is running fine, there isn't that much of a hurry. HOWEVER, Apple is going to be announcing a new model next month, and they'll be abandoning the butterfly keyboard. So Leo advises waiting a few more weeks to see what happens.

From the Chatroom: ScooterX says that if she goes to a fancy hotel, ask for lost and found, she may be able to find one.