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Watch Don from Dana Point, CA Comments

Don tried to sign in to Windows on his Lenovo Desktop and he can't access it. Leo says that he worries that Don isn't using the same Microsoft account to log in. Can he go to Best Buy to fix it? Leo says that Best Buy is fine, but Leo recommends finding a "shade tree mechanic" computer store locally, that will be happy to do the work in front of you. The best thing may just be to wipe your drive and start over with a fresh install of Windows. 

Watch Todd from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Todd got a Facebook message from a friend that said "Is this Your Video?" and it had his picture on it. So he clicked on it, and it said the content wasn't available. Leo says that Todd was likely hacked in a phishing scam, accessing his Facebook account. What they are hoping is that you log into Facebook and get their password stolen. They can also try and get you to pay for a bogus support contract or grab your credit card number. They can even put a bitcoin miner on your computer. So NEVER click on a link. EVER.

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Watch Bill from Goleta, CA Comments

Every day, data goes out from his iPhone at the same time (3,6,9 pm). Sometimes it is a small amount, sometimes it's 300 MB. What gives? Leo says what AT&T is doing is listing the data in "chunks", not what is actually happening, If it was minute by minute, Bill's bill would be 50 pages. Most likely the phone is "phoning home" to various apps, doing app updates, etc. Here's why it does it -

But why doesn't it use wifi to do it? Leo says he can control that by saying which apps can use cellular data or not. That way, when he's out and about, those apps can't work until they have WiFi. Look in the cellular settings. 

Watch Amy from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Amy has a MacBook Pro and she needs a new power cord. She was looking at the Apple website and it's very expensive. And unfortunately, the magnetic safe connector is proprietary, so there's not likely a third party version for cheaper.  So she's thinking of trading in her MacBook for $775 and get a new one or wait and let it just die. Leo says that a lot of Pro users like Leo have kept their 2015 Macbooks because they are the last design with a decent keyboard. But 2015 models are also being recalled for a swelling battery. So Amy may want to check to see if there is a recall. If the MacBook Pro is running fine, there isn't that much of a hurry. HOWEVER, Apple is going to be announcing a new model next month, and they'll be abandoning the butterfly keyboard. So Leo advises waiting a few more weeks to see what happens.

From the Chatroom: ScooterX says that if she goes to a fancy hotel, ask for lost and found, she may be able to find one. 

Watch Randall from Oceanside, CA Comments

Randall is a truck driver and is curious about VPNs. Leo recommends ExpressVPN, but there is also TunnelBear (recommended by The Wire Cutter).  A VPN is great on the road, but Leo wouldn't use them while actually driving. 

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Watch Steven from Cranston, RI Comments

Steven wants to replace his existing backup with a new one. He tends to use a thumb drive. But the backup fails and can't backup shadow copies or system restore points. Leo says that malware can be removed by an AVS and that could affect the system restore points because the AVS expects his backup to be infected as well. Leo says that Shadow Copying is a relatively new thing that Microsoft has added, which runs in the background. Leo says that EaseUS is a good backup solution. Imaging is a good thing to do as well. If the service isn't running (and Windows update can cause the service to stop running) maybe enabling it will fix it.

Windows Key + X --> Services & Applications ---> Services. Then look under Volume Shadow Copy. He may need to restart the service. 

Watch Bruce from San Diego, California Comments

Bruce can't get the latest Windows Update 1903 on his HP laptop. Microsoft says that this BIOS is too out of date and as such, it'll fail and roll back. Is there a way to block it so it won't keep doing it? The problem is, that Microsoft has stopped supporting 1803, which is where Bruce is stuck, and as such, he won't get security updates starting at the end of the year. That's a real concern. He tried putting it on a metered connection and that does stop it, but he's worried about security. He still wants the security updates. Leo says that he can force them, but it will then try to push the feature update. Leo isn't so sure that firmware being out of date is the issue. But he could search the motherboard for an updated BIOS. 

Check out this tech note from Microsoft -

You can also try downloading and installing it separately here -

The only other option is to buy a new computer. Or he can put Linux on the old one.

Watch John from Philadelphia, PA Comments

John was using an old XP machine to recover data on a failed hard drive. But when he rebooted the XP machine, it crashed and then came back up with a profile from 5 years ago. Leo says he suspects the current profile is damaged and that points to a failing hard drive. Eventually, it'll stop booting. So time to get a new hard drive. He could run SpinRite on it. But it's $90. Not cheap. But he can run it if he has it already. It would be worth the time to do it. 

Get the data off that old hard drive ASAP, and then replace it.

John is also having an issue with Android apps and his Chromebook. Recently, the Google Play store took out apps that he can't sideload them. Leo says that not all apps will work reliably on a Chromebook since they run in emulation. As such, Google takes them out. 

Watch August from Cleveland, OH Comments

August wants to get his parents a digital photo frame that he can change remotely from time to time. Leo's favourite right now is the Google NEST Hub. Not only does he get a nice photo frame that loads them remotely from Google Photos, but it also features a Google Voice Assistant. And it's only $99. But August can get it for $58 with the code GG10 here.