Can a motherboard cause an "amber light of death?"

Episode 1621 (2:03:51)

PJ from Butler, PA
"Amber Light"

PJ replaced his Windows XP machine with Windows 8.1. But lately, he's gotten the "amber light of death" and it won't boot up. His tech guy says he needs a new computer. But could he replace the motherboard? Leo says it could be a power supply, so swap that out first. If that doesn't work, then check the RAM. It may be that the RAM has become unseated and the computer can't load into it. You also want to be sure that the cables are all connected. PJ replaced the motherboard and it's worked ever since. 

PJ also wants to get a WiFi extender. Leo recommends going over to and see their recommendations. Very trustworthy.

Also how can PJ backup his photos? Leo recommends as a way to backup your photos easily. They'll send you a box to fill it up, mail it to them, and they'll scan them and return it with a DVD of your memories.