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Watch Jerry from Westminster, MD Comments

Jerry bought a new MacMini a few months ago, and after he shut it down, it never came back on.  Apple replaced the logic board, but when he returned it, his RAM capacity was cut in half. So he returned it to Apple. After a few weeks, he got an error and would restart. Now it just locks up. Leo suspects that Jerry has a "Lemon." He should take it into Apple, talk to the manager, and tell them you want a brand new one. Be direct, but pleasant. You catch more flies with sugar than honey. Use the term CRU - Complete Replacement Unit. 

Leo's general impression of Apple is that their quality control has suffered a nose dive the last few years. 

Watch Danny from Prescott, AZ Comments

Danny is getting different results using his Map app in his three cars. Two of his cars has his maps apps working great in them, but his Hybrid doesn't work well at all with his maps app at all. Leo suspects that Danny's hybrid may have something in its design that prevents the phone from triangulating its position with GPS satellites. Some electric cars don't have AM radios because of interference from the electric engine. So it may be that there's interference going on. Here's a discussion of a similar issue in a Prius -

Watch Rene from Vancouver, British Columbia Comments

Rene wants to know if she can use a VPN to keep herself safe and still log into sites like Facebook. Leo says that a VPN is an encrypted tunnel for your traffic that masks your data as you use it. You should be able to still log in, but some sites don't support it. How about using an airport WiFi with a VPN. Leo says that's a very good place to use a VPN, but he generally doesn't use public wifi, especially in an airport. And you NEVER want to do banking or eCommerce on one.

The good news is, that Google is making websites move to encryption, so when you log in, all your traffic is encrypted. So most people don't really need to use a VPN. But if you use one, don't use a free one, chances are, they're selling your traffic to make money. 

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Watch Dave from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Dave has an iPhone X Max Plus and he's been frustrated with dropped calls, missing contacts and photos, and lousy quality video. He talked to Verizon and they don't know what to do. He talked to Apple, and three weeks later, they don't know either. Leo says that the problem is, that you can replicate the issue for the Apple Genius to see it. Apple used to have gold standard quality control. But lately, that's fallen terribly. So it's likely a lemon. If Apple is trying to help you, great. If not, well, it may be time to get a new phone.

Watch Jay from Temecula, California Comments

Jay would like to plug in a Raspberry Pit and Mac Mini into the same monitor. Is there a switch for that? Leo says that while the Pi has an HDMI, the MacMini also offers Thunderbolt 3. So you want to get an HDMI capable monitor. Jay also says that Pi 4 is going to be TB3 compatible. Leo says if that's the case, then a splitter could be easy. Or one that has multiple inputs. KVM switches are more flexible. IOGear makes some of the best ones. Monoprice have some that are good. Most use software to control them. Leo has one called IHSE DRACO for the studio. But it's very heavy-duty, designed for a video studio. Go with iOGear. 

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Watch Paul from Dallas, Texas Comments

Paul says he's cut the cable and uses an RCA DTA 880 Digital TV Converter and recorder he bought at Walmart. It's also a digital tuner.  But you do need to plug a hard drive into it.  Leo sees several different models on Amazon, and he has a hunch they're all made by the same company in China. But we're heading towards an on-demand model, so recording programs are becoming a thing of the past. 

Watch Matthew from Denver, CO Comments

Matthew uses Skype and says that the Chrome Helper Agent may also cause sync problems when using Skype video. So he dumped it for Firefox. 

Matthew also has a Synology Diskstation NAS with 16TB of storage. He has one at work as well. How can he image it if it dies? Leo says that Leo uses Amazon Glacier, a cheap off-site storage utility. There's a Glacier tool that will backup your NAS over time. But you can unplug it from the network and plug it directly into a computer and run an imaging app on it. sure.  What about backing up the system folder? Leo says you can try Resillo. It does the file structure. 

Watch Steve from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Steve wants to know a way to convert photos and videos into a DVD. Leo says that ScanCafe is a site that will send you a box and you fill it and then they will scan it all and return them with a DVD of your memories. It's not that cheap, but they will clean up your negatives and give you the best possible image. But you also have to be OK with mailing your photos and videos, trusting you'll get them back. If you're not, you can always just use a camera and an easel and take pictures of each image. As for the video, well there are products that will enable you to record into a video camera while projecting your movie film into it, and there are other ways to do that. But they're not all that great quality-wise. 

Watch PJ from Butler, PA Comments

PJ replaced his Windows XP machine with Windows 8.1. But lately, he's gotten the "amber light of death" and it won't boot up. His tech guy says he needs a new computer. But could he replace the motherboard? Leo says it could be a power supply, so swap that out first. If that doesn't work, then check the RAM. It may be that the RAM has become unseated and the computer can't load into it. You also want to be sure that the cables are all connected. PJ replaced the motherboard and it's worked ever since. 

PJ also wants to get a WiFi extender. Leo recommends going over to and see their recommendations. Very trustworthy.

Also how can PJ backup his photos? Leo recommends as a way to backup your photos easily. They'll send you a box to fill it up, mail it to them, and they'll scan them and return it with a DVD of your memories.