Is There an External Power Pack for My Surface?

Episode 1620 (2:11:50)

Jeffrey from Burbank, CA
PowerCore+ 26800 PD with 30W Power Delivery Charger

Jeffrey got a new Microsoft Surface Pro at work. Is there an external power pack he can use with it? Leo says that laptops like a lot of wattage, more than an average power brick can provide. The Surface also has a proprietary charging connector, though it could charge with a Type-C connector as well. He will want a power brick that can provide more power than the surface uses. It also needs to have enough juice to charge the battery in one fell swoop.

Leo uses an ANKER PowerCore with 20,100 mAh of charging power. It delivers PD Type-C power specs with fairly high wattage of 24w, and it'll charge while he's using it.

The chatroom also recommends one called ZMI USB PD Backup.