Johnny Jet ... three weeks early

Episode 1620 (1:16:33)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet's second child came this week. Her name is Olivia Grace, and she came three weeks early. Johnny was in Las Vegas, at the time, but was able to get to the airport via an Uber and fly out within minutes. He made it in time for the delivery as well. Very exciting times. It was like a movie, with the Uber driver picking him up and weaving in and out of traffic to get to the airport, and he flew out within the hour. 

Travel Tip of the week - Always have a backup plan, with a "go bag" of travel essentials in case of an emergency. 

Website of the week - if you're an animal lover, there's It's crowdfunding for providing veterinary services for people who can't afford to medically care for their pets.

You can also book a hike with a pet through Air BNB. They arrange a pet from a local shelter to join you for a two-hour hike and are encouraged to adopt them. 

Second site - If you like Peloton's you can find a hotel that uses them and rent them, which is great since a Peloton is so expensive! The first ride is free.