The Giz Wiz and Drinks on the House

Episode 1620 (2:19:00)


Having a party. Here's an easy way to make everyone's drink even if they all ask for different ones. It's called Drinkworks.

The Drinkworks drink maker prepares cocktails, beer, and more at home using proprietary Drinkworks Pods. The device was developed by Keurig and Anheuser-Busch. Each drink is made consistently every time using a Pod-specified mix of chilled water and carbonation. A variety of Drinkworks Pod Collections include classic and speciality cocktail offerings, leading beer brands like Beck's, Bass, and Stella Artois, and signature mixers. While it's making your drink the app tells you how long to completion, the temperature it will be, etc. Each Pod contains the specific spirit required, whether that’s actual bourbon from Kentucky for a classic Old Fashioned or Mexican agave tequila for a refreshing Margarita. Everything needed for the drink is precisely measured and poured in the Pod. The machine is $399.99, and most alcoholic drink pods are $15.99, which is $4 a drink. Sales are limited to Florida and Missouri right now, but the company says it will be available in California, around April 2020.

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