Did I lose my photos?

Episode 1620 (1:30:25)

Joe from Brea, CA
Windows 10

Joe is a high school computer teacher, and he had scanned a bunch of photographs that he scanned on his computer. He took that folder and moved it to another folder, but it disappeared and was replaced with a file cabinet folder. Leo says that a CAB file is a compressed folder. He searched the entire computer for the folder, and it was gone. Fortunately, he had a backup. But what happened? A virus?

Leo suspects it's probably not a virus. It may just be a bizarre bug, and it's one of the reasons why he's leery of Windows and always have been.  But it could be malware. Scan your computer using the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Just in case. It's your second line of defense along with your AVS software. Windows key + MFT and enter. 

Leo also recommends doing a clean install of Windows and formatting your hard drive, Just in case.

Another possibility is that your Webroot anti-virus app has a bug, and is causing the folder to disappear. It's exactly the kind of thing an AVS app would do. It's one of the reasons why Leo only recommends the Windows Defender app that comes with your OS.